Anti.Virus Applications for Linux WANTED!

Long story; I’ll make this as quick as possible:
You all might know, that “Conficker” crawls though the networks since February and causes a lot of pain.

Now, thing is that I also download files for other computers in my network and therefore I think it’s essential to be able to check *.exe files as well, which isn’t possible with rkhunter.

WHAT exactly do I want?
I want to find a great anti-virus checker like Kaspersky, which runs perfectly under Linux. It should have a good GUI and always update itself.

Challenge: Do you guys know of an equivalent to Kaspersky Internet Security which works with OpenSuse? :wink:


ClamAV is always recommended.

It has a KDE front-end called, perhaps unsurprisingly, Klamav, though I have no idea whether it’s any good.

ETA: It seems ClamTk also exists as a front-end, for those running gnome.

There are several choices in the repos.

There is the basic clam packages - CMD though. Klamav is the GUI front end for it.

AVG has a linux version - the last time I checked it, I don’t think that it is ready for full time use (MY opinion).

AntiVir from Avira just recently got excellent marks running in windows. The linux version is in the oss and non-oss repos.

symantec makes an antivirus for linux but not sure if its any good.

You may go for AVG’s Linux version. It’s good enough (Not excellent).

Conficker is windows specific, most available Linux software are not geared to handle it at present, it is wait and see! Even MicroSoft’s patch was a flop ! It seems enjoys heading to Military
Networked computers! Wouldn’t b e hard to guess where it is from, there is huge reward for the capture of perpetrators, but I wouldn’t hold my breath!

Agreed. I´ve tested ClamAV so far and it does its job well.If you have any further rocommendations, please tell me… :slight_smile:

Thanks guys.