Another Suse 11.3 bug > Kwrite does not work, or kate in SU mode.

This is the error you get:

kwrite(5336): Session bus not found

KCrash: Application ‘kwrite’ crashing…
Warning: connect() failed: : No such file or directory
KCrash cannot reach kdeinit, launching directly.
drkonqi(5337): Session bus not found

are you logged into KDE as root?
or, did you open a console and then su to root and issue kwrite?

CAVEAT: [posted via NNTP w/openSUSE 10.3]

I had suse 10.0 , 10.3, and 11.0. I never had to log in as a root user. I always opened up a terminal window and entered su, then my password, then the kwrite command. If they changed that with suse 11.3, then boy was that stupid. It is a great convenience to do it the way I always did.

Never log into KDE as root. But i have the same problem when i do that from terminal.
My solution for that: Alt+F2 and then type

kdesu kwrite

I tried it. Seems to work. I get that small window at the top where I enter kdesu kwrite. It then asks for the password, then opens up a blank/untitled kwrite window. You then open up the file that you want to edit, then click save.


Also it seems now, if you type: su -
to become root
Then: kwrite
It launches root kwrite

Kwrite continuously crashes in SU

Doug08 wrote:
> It is a great convenience to do it the way I always did.

understand…but, things do change…they call it progress–i can’t
disagree with you that not all of what ‘they’ call progress makes me
happy, but try this:

  1. pop open the terminal and issue “su -” instead of “su” and then kwrite
  2. issue “kdesu kwrite” [or kate, etc…no quotes in any of those three]

in the first instance the terminal will remain open and as root…
in the second the terminal will be ‘busy’ until the kwrite is closed
and then the prompt will return to the user…

there are other variation…

if you want to have it your old way you could alias ‘su’ to ‘su -’ but
then how would you use the real su (su without the - is a super user
with a normal user’s environment, that is, in openSUSE su alone will
not be able to use /user/sbin and other differences between root and
user environment…)

more stuff at
man su
info su

and articles/posts in these fora and the wiki, like:

CAVEAT: [posted via NNTP w/openSUSE 10.3]