Another SSD thread

Hello all,

I bought an SSD drive a couple of days ago and did a fresh install yesterday. Everything went seemingly fine, but I would like to have confirmed that it is an OK set-up.
I read quite a lot concerning SSD and linux but one thing was rahter unclear to me and that was how to properly align the drive at install time with YaST. I got quite confused in the terminology and technicality of the topic, however, it seemed to me that I had to insure that the block/page size should be dividable by 512, some suggested 2048 (bytes?) others 4096. Anyhow, an easy way to achieve this should be to set the starting point of the first (and for me the only) partition to sector 2048. In YaST I could not find a way to set this starting point, only start point based on cylinders. So what I did was to set the block size to 4096 bytes and left it otherwise as it was. Is this decent enough or should I re-format the drive with some other settings?