Another RAID question

I just bought 2 x 1TB discs and a PCI RAID controller card. The controller card can be configured by pressing F4 during bootup, and I have setup the two discs as a RAID1 array. Available space is now 931GB. I had expected the controller card to present the RAID1 array as a single disc to the rest of the system, but YaST sees each disc separately as /dev/sgf and /dev/sgg. So I’ve now setup a software RAID1 array, using YaST, which gives me my single, virtual disc /dev/md0, but has reduced my freespace on the empty disc to 860GB.

Is it possible to just use the hardware RAID setup?

Have you googled the RAID card for Linux compatibility?
You may want to post the specs of the card on the forums? Maybe someone else has the card.