Another OS why not? Boot Error

Okay I’ll make my actions clear as I can at this hour.
I extended my Windows 7 partition
I lost Windows 7 (another forum)
Then I made space for Debian and installed it.
Then I installed OpenSUSE over it.
Then I reinstalled Ubuntu.
Now I have Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, and Vista on the computer hard drive.
I can boot into Ubuntu and Vista, but I can’t boot into OpenSUSE. I get this error: Boot splash states on console 0 change to on “Failed” (repair file system) #

I can only assume that since I installed Ubuntu it moved OpenSUSE and when it boots it doesn’t know where it got moved? If I attempt to boot OpenSUSE I get a load screen but about halfway I get the error and I’m restarted back to the Grub boot loader. I think I’ma stop after install 7 (Windows Seven that is) again at 4 OS. rotfl!

Before evrybody asks for the information I advice you to add the output of

fdisk -l


cat /boot/grub/menu.lst

so that the gurus have something to look at.

okay it’s different now…
I redid EVERYTHING and now I have Vista to 7 to Ubuntu on the hard drive in that order. My Ubuntu partition is about 80gb so I was thinking of spliting in half and installing OpenSUSE on that 40gb. How could I install it without losing the ability to boot into Ubuntu. I know for a fact I can’t split or shrink it on Windows so I’m not gonna try doing that because Windows won’t let me do more then 4 partition.

Last time I installed Open after Ubuntu I couldn’t boot into Ubuntu. I’m sure it’s cus I set up the partition as (/ ). How do I install the os so it’ll boot and Ubuntu will boot. Note I got easyBCD on Vista so it’s a option as well.