another newbie-wireless-problem

hi everyone,

i have just finshed my first openSUSE installation and tried to konfigurate the WLAN, i followed the instructions of the wireless-toturial and got these informations:

-> “02:00.0 Network controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co.,
Ltd. Device 8172 (rev10)”

“/sbin/lspci -n”
-> “02:00.0 0280: 10ec:8172 (rev10)”

then i typed in “dmesg|less” but i didn´t find anything about network controller or Wlan or something else that could indicate the Realtek 8172 or any driver for it…

What should i search for???

Hi there,

I am sorry to say that it look like that particular wireless card is not well supported, and I do not see that you will be able to simply install the firmware or build the driver easily. The only options I can find are to try to use the ndiswrapper method with the XP driver, but others do not appear to have great success with this:

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I might recommend you consider getting a different wireless card, I know that does not sound great, but this might not be worth the effort. Perhaps others might have some better suggestions, but given a USB wifi card is pretty cheap, it might be the way to go.

Lews Therin

There seem to be a few reports (mostly Ubuntu-related) that ndiswrapper + W2k driver may yield the best results.


i will try the ndiswrapper-method…

maybe i have enough luck and it works…