Another newbie needs help

Hosed myself again. I was trying to install the proprietary ati drivers for 11.2, which are available in a repository and according to swerdna do work. I followed the instructions he gave but it didn’t work out. Now when I boot I get to a command prompt in level 5 (or maybe 6, I can’t remember for sure and don’t want to reboot now to find out, but one of the two).

Have tried the usual suggestions. Aticonfig does not fix it; tried sax2 -r -m 0=radionhd and that didn’t work. SaX told me X-Server wasn’t running so it started a server, then gave a message: Sorry could not start configuration server. Roght now I can’t get to the log file for that install as it is not mounted (partition, not file). Can anyone tell me how to get back to the radeon driver so I can use my 11.2 install? Or better yet how to install something which will do OpenGL.

I am shopping for an nvidia card on ebay and will soon have one, so I don’t know if it is important to get the ati drivers working at this time. The reason I was trying to install them is I need to be able to run 3D cad and Civ4 and I don’t want to use Windoze to do it. I am planning to use VirtualBox and/or Wine, which either way will require OpenGL; in order to get this to work at all will require the ati drivers if I understand this correctly. Will this work any better for me with Nvidia? Or do I need to find another way or use Windoze?

There is a massive thread on this ATI fiasco - I can’t just pin it down.
sax2 -r -m 0=ati seems to ring a bell for some though.

ATI is a no go area for me
nvidia has always worked perfectly for me, see sig.

I should mention this is a Radeon 9600/RVP350 board which is only supported by the ati legacy driver.

I think this is a thread I had in mind, you need to go right thru it. But it may be not related to your type

How to discover which video driver is in use - openSUSE Forums

Have you tried doing the following as root or with sudo

mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.bak

on reboot you should get a remade default xorg.conf and be able to use GUI.

After than check which driver has 3D support for your card. If available radeonhd will be you best bet.

Nope, you don’t get a new xorg.conf, HAL is taking care of everything. On 11.2 nobody has an xorg.conf by default.

I go with Caf: at this moment ATI is a true disaster. I meet a lot of trouble with the unilateral declared legacy cards. I got a lot of them running with “ati”, but it’s -poor. Who’s going to say that the ATI card you buy today is not a legacy one without proper 3D driver tomorrow?

I’d rather have Opel declare our Vectra vintage.:wink: