Another flavor of Linux on my old HP Compaq along with Leap 15.x

This old HP Compaq currently it has 3 HDD’s and each has Leap 15.3 latest release.

  • Main HDD is SATA, and has Win10, Leap 15.3, and Win7. (I don’t even boot Win10! and I only use Win7 occasionally for iPod updates and a 3D CAD app i am used to. )
  • Secondary HDD is SATA and is Leap only.
  • Third HDD is PATA route to the PC via a PCI card. and has Leap 15.3 only, and the one I like use the most(seems faster than the other 2)
    I will do an fdisk if needed, but I hope my explanation will be good enough to answer my question(s).

I have been ‘testing’ live versions of Mint, MXlinux and AntiX, and would like to install in on the secondary drive, Mint maybe OK and/or MXlinux as well, but antiX, NO!

I am thinking the MXlinux at this time, and if I INSTALL it(or Mint) to the Secondary HDD, then run the ‘grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg’ Will it pick up the MXlinux as part of the Grub2 boot menu?

Ideally, I would like to remove Win10 from this PC, And install the MXlinux in it’s place, so the Grub2 boot menu question also applies to that scenario. Bu that may be a question fo another time.

What you describe is about right, except that it might instead boot to MXLinux, and that might pick up openSUSE as part of its boot menu. You cannot really be sure until you try it.

OK Thanks for the response. I would be sure to run the ‘grub2-mkconfig’ from a running leap after the MX or Mint install.

Yes, you need to do that.