Another Cannot find map file

Hello List,
In my /var/log/boot.msg file I’m getting some complaints: Cannot find map file and No module symbols loaded. How can I fix this problem. My system is working despite these complaints!

I see similar posts in the archive, but not specific to me.
Recently I updated my 11.1 kernel from using on-line repositories.

I boot my system from a separate boot partition mounted as /boot. Nothing is left there from the kernel. The file is in /boot.

On Google some posters said the had to be manually copied to /boot from /usr/sys/ after a kernel build. That doesn’t seem to by my problem.

Something else that happened after the kernel update was an accidental change to the hard drive partition table. All the Linux partions except for /boot shifted.

The next boot caused a kernel panic. I had to manually edit the grub loader file and the /etc/fstab to get the system to boot. In /etc/sysconfig/bootloader LOADER_LOCATION="".

Are these complaints the result of a grub configuration problem?