anokondi processes spawning after upgrade to 12.2

Hi all, ages since ive posted on here. Just upgraded via tumbleweed and my machine was so slow to respond after autologin, it would take maybe 5 minutes to recognise mouse or keyboard input.

After googling about i found a page mentioning anokondi, sure enough i checked activity manager and there were what must have been 50 worker threads of this process.

Eventually i found that unistalling via yast software management (and losing some other programs that rely on it) the problem seems to be fixed.

Im just posting incase someone else has this problem or anyone knows why this happened?

FYI i have live upgraded the last 4 versions of Suse and have no intention of a fresh install it does what i need it to do and i dont want to lose all my configurations.

Any information on this problem would be handy and if anyone would like more system information from me just let me know, its so long since i was around here i dont even rememeber how to get in touch with the novell guys anymore :slight_smile:

Laters all

On 09/07/2012 10:36 PM, hulleyrob wrote:
> Just upgraded via tumbleweed

there is a forum just for tumbleweed questions…i’m guessing you moved
to 12.2 in an unsupported way…

you might find a way to recover here: or