Hi! When I log out of the web-interface I always end up with Net IQ page. I will manage but what about the rest of forums users. Whining, -not Regards

I get that Net IQ page for a few seconds and then an openSUSE login page is loaded. Has been the case for ages without anybody complaning that (s)he can not manage that. So your concern about the other forum users has no base in real life IMHO.

When I log out, the next time I click my bookmark for the forum I get the page where I have to select the language to use. I just click my bookmark for the forum a second time, and it’s fine. Sure, slightly annoying, but only for one or two seconds, then I feel better:)

I rarely logout, so I haven’t noticed. Normally, my session ends when the cookie expires or I restart firefox.

I stated annoing ok? Intresting that you wote for other forum users.


Henk is correct with his statement, as forum moderators, we have not recieved any complaints to date about this (for you annoying) issue. As stated, for your workflow it’s annoying, as others have stated it’s not an annoying issue.

No harm from me. My personal opinion.