Annoying LibreOffice problem

The LibreOffice version from the repos can’t load java-based extensions. This is particularly annoying since I am rather reliant on zotero. The other extension affected is LanguageTool. I have ticked the java-environment in settings (Oracle 1.8.0), but any attempt to activate either extension results in a Java-loader error. As a temporary fix, I have installed LibreOffice from However, whenever I run zypper dup --no-allow-vendor-change, I end up with the faulty libreoffice version again.

A quick google search seems to suggest that I am not the only one with this problem. Is there anything I can do to solve it without the need to install versions of LibreOffice from suppliers other than Opensuse?

I have tried installing an updated Opensuse-Libreoffice (4.2.1 from Factory), but still no luck. The error messages are:

javaloader error - could not find class com/sun/star/comp/loader/JavaLoader

and then

( { { Message = "javaloader error - could not find class com/sun/star/comp/loader/JavaLoader", Context = ( @0 } }

I am back to LibreOffices packages, which work perfectly well. Still, this is rather annoying.

The saga continues: How on earth can I stop zypper from re-installing libreoffice every time I perform a

zypper dup 


zypper dup --no-allow-vendor-change


TW is rolling ie most packages update because each dup is a no OS build.

To the problem have you installed Java??

Lock the packages perhaps…

(with root privileges)

zypper al <package name>

To check which packages are locked

zypper ll

To remove a lock

zypper rl <package name>

or use yast2 if you prefer the gui approach…

Yes, Java is installed, recognised and ticed. Otherwise, the extensions wouldn’t work with LibreOffice Org’s packages either. I am using Oracle 1.8.0-131.

Thanks, locking the packages works! Now I just need to wait for a fix to the java-problem.

I don’t know where your problem lies, ie, libreoffice, java, or openSUSE

It might be worth asking on the libreoffice forum, maybe someone there can shed light on the problem, or better still offer a solution :slight_smile:

(Don’t let the URL fool you, the site is for all *office variants, although I must say the libreoffice section doesn’t look too active)

I believe the problem lies with OpenSuse. I have tested other versions of Libreoffice downloaded from as well as a snap pack from Ubuntu’s snap store, all integrated the extensions well. I then re-installed an earlier OpenSuse version, and that had no problem either. The installed Java-version has always remained unchanged. It seems as if the fault has first been re-introduced (OpenSuse packages had the problem in the past, if I remember right it was around 4.0 or 4.1) with the release of 5.3 and exists since. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to get in touch with the packager(s).

Report as a bug on openSUSE bugzilla

it uses the same login credentials as this forum, so no need to create an account.

Thanks! I have just visited bugzilla, and someone has already opened a bug report on this issue. I have added my ‘same here’ to it.

The updated version of LibreOffice in the Tumbleweed repos don’t have this issue anymore. Everything is back to where it should be.