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Quite cool;
[opensuse-project] Announcing](

Search -

Could even be better then the forums search!

On 03/21/2011 09:06 PM, malcolmlewis wrote:
> ‘Search -’ (

thanks to whoever made it happen!!!

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“It is far easier to read, understand and follow the instructions than
to undo the problems caused by not.” DD 23 Jan 11

any tool that helps a person get desired information is a step in the right direction, well done.

i’d like it more if it didn’t require javascript, but i’m usually surfing anonymously :slight_smile:

Yes. Mostly better than the internal search.
And I have not to write all the time “ Keyword1 Keword2 …” like “” in the default Google search.
Maybe a link to openSUSE Forums Search with Google Custom Search | could be added in the menu of the forums beneath the link to Advanced Search - openSUSE Forums | ?

Only that I do not know if how to enter a search in a URL like I am able to do with the default Google Search like 14e4:432b - Google-Search




Did some testing, to me it looks much more powerful. Thanks to those who made this.

Nice. I used to be able to find reasonably popular packages with openSUSE package search linked in the download page standard search, but for a few months now I hardly get any hits.
Today I tried to find cups-pdf but no hits. I had to google to find the Printing repo. Not sure what had happened.

j xavier wrote:
> i’d like it more if it didn’t require javascript, but i’m usually
> surfing anonymously :slight_smile:

Yep, an essentially blank page is not much use!

If websites ask me to enable javascript, I ask them for a financial
indemnity in case of any hack. Since they usually claim there is no
risk, there shouldn’t be a problem providing me with the indemnity :slight_smile:

A very good idea!

Compare/see further:
#310986 : Software Search to arrive at most desirable options|openFATE - openSUSE feature tracking](

And I think the problem may be that there is no fuzzy search or at least search for parts of a word (at least in the package name).


Wow! Nice!

I don’t like the slow forum search (with its cryptic picture that we have to decipher to proceed, just every time, making me feel like an unwelcome spammer). In fact, I relied more on google directly, but it was not so well targeted… Yeah specifying within google that you are searching within a particular website would do the trick… but I’m too lazy to put that line!