Announcement - Newly created SDB: VMware Tools

Newly created,
Should obsolete all previous information about installing or not installing VMware Tools, with main focus on Shared Folders.

Intended to be the main reference for anyone running any version of openSUSE today and into the future on any VMware product.

As is the case for anything completely new, the article should be edited for anything people might find that was overlooked, needs clarification or correction.


Minor FYI -
Modified this VMware Tools SDB (and will again as I have time, or others should) to add a section “Hardware Pass through”

VMware Tools exposes select hardware immediately without the usual procedure to “Add Pass through device” in the Guest Options which is typical of all virtualization.

Common devices which are exposed through VMware Tools are
Storage media, various connection types including SATA, SCSI, bridged, more
Display(based on GPU)