Hi everyone,

I broke my leg and my current computing set up has me sitting about 3’-4’ from my monitor, using a wireless keyboard and mouse. My problem is that the Scintilla editor (I have found GTKSourceView’s feature set somewhat underwhelming) w/ Anjuta has a default font that is variable width, which makes errors involving stray comma’s, etc, nigh impossible to spot from where I am sitting. And, for some reason when I go to “edit->preferences->scintilla->fonts and colors” and change the fonts, the changes are immediately ignored no matter what I press. Am I missing something here?

I am reluctant to file a bug report because the version in the repos is two minor versions behind. I am reluctant to install the new version of Anjuta from source because it would require updating a lot of system critical things (gtk±2.0, glib, etc.). So I will wait until 11.4 comes out, which has the newest stable version of Anjuta in it. I’ve managed to get enough emacs integration to carry me over, I am just hoping that I am overlooking something really obvious.