Animated bash super freecell now available

Animated bash super freecell now available at [Bash] bash super #freecell# -](

The script features just about everything you’ve ever wanted to see in Freecell, apart from graphics. You can control:

  • number of freecells
  • number of board rows
  • number of cards per suit
  • suit symbols and number of suits
  • initial card pattern

The script:

  • times the game
  • counts moves
  • distinguishes between user moves and automatic moves
  • saves the results
  • sorts the results files on whatever field you want.

The script also features several animated decorations:

  • a left-margin decoration that varies as the moves are performed
  • a frame train that travels zig-zag around the frame while waiting for user input
  • a quotation sifter that reveals the randomly selected quotation as the game approaches completion

The frame-train employs the use of “coproc” – the script runs the train while the coprocess reads user input

The address again: [Bash] bash super #freecell# -](

Have lots of fun!