Angela Merkel re elected as Chancellor


Just read news about Angela Merkel. She is re elected as German Chancellor.

I dont no German politics that much but definitely an interesting news to hear 1st lady chancellor of Germany As per my knowledge ] re elected. Thats cool ! :slight_smile:

I wonder what is the role of chancellor in Germany?


I am no german, so I leave it to real germans to correct me. The chancellor is the prime minister. She is not chosen as such, but the outcome of the elections is that clear (her party and the party she wants a coalition with have a majority) that there is almost no doubt that she will be it.

And this should be in Soapbox, I think.

Correct, or in general the chancellor is the head of government, so it can be compared with the prime minister in the UK.

Yup, the chancellor will be elected by the new parliament.

For more information, see this:

> And this should be in Soapbox, I think.

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