Android Firefox v109 not supported by forum

I just tried to view the forums on my Android device using Firefox V109 (Latest available) and the forums say it is not supported and I should update or change browser!! I cannot conceive of any reason why this should be. Can anyone please explain why this is happening?


There may be an issue with your installation, or a plug-in/extension, or something, because I’m running 109.2.0 on my Galaxy S22 Ultra and 109.0.1 on my desktop without any issues.

Also, you might try clearing your cache and cookie data and see if that resolves the issue.

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Well deleted all browsing data but still fails. Chrome on Android works OK. Annoying as Firefox is my goto browser.


I’m using 109.2 on Android 12 without issue.

Aaaaaand… literally within minutes of this thread being posted (maybe 30-45 or so) the 110.0/Desktop and 110.0.1/Android releases just came out. Because of this thread I prioritized updating to them, and at least so far everything is still working correctly.

I’ll post further if I start seeing any problems here.

The two most frustrating things are intermittent and non-reproducible problems.

Yes I saw that update and installed it but still the forums do not work on my Android 12 tablet despite clearing the cache several times and turning off the only add-on I have installed. The App however does work but I want the forums to work on Firefox!


Does Firefox Troubleshooting mode allow the forum to be navigated/viewed as expected?

I’ll check troubleshooting mode. I only had one add-on and disabled that. I tried on my Android phone last night with V110 and the first time it worked, so I tried a different forum which uses Discourse and that failed the same way saying not supported but when I went back here again it failed and has each time I tried!


Cannot find how to start |Firefox on Android in troubleshooting mode.

However so far Firefox Beta seems to work.

I also checked the Discourse site to see which mobile browsers are supported. Currently it only shows Safari for IOS and Chrome for Android. This is unacceptable by them, OK Firefox Beta seems to work but for how long ???