android cell phone on the DeskTop

Does anyone know how to do to mirror an android cell phone on the DeskTop with OpenSuse?
Please post here.

do you want to receive notifications from your device on your desktop (phone calls, sms, email, app notifiations etc)
then install kdeconnect-kde on your LEAP (it works on other Desktops too it’s just better integrated in KDE)
and kdeconnect-android on your device (phone or tablet) or if you don’t like google
pair those devices and you’ll not only get android notifications you’ll be able to browse your device storage with dolphin (and other kf5 compliant file managers)
you’ll also be able to control your linux from your phone
both devices need to be on the same network or be paired with a bluetooth connection
and the kde-connect service must be enabled in the opensuse firewall (this is done in yast and it’s quite simple)

if you want to flash your android device under linux that depends on your phone maker and phone SOC does it use a Snapdragon, Mediatek or an Intel SOC
afaik Intel and Mediatek provide Linux flashing applications for atom and mtk chipsets
but I’ve never done this so …

Thanks a lot for the tips. I installed the files, I turned off the firewal, but nothing worked.
I tried another program called Vysor. It even receives calls and warnings sounds, but it does not even give access to the features of the phone.

You need the app on your phone too. And then pair it with your computer. They have to be in the same network !!!

Possibly depends on what you mean by “mirroring.”

Development tools will commonly support 2-way sync, in other words you see your phone on your Desktop, and you can tap or click to control what happens on the phone, and the reverse is also true… You can tap on your phone and the result is displayed on your Desktop.

Take your pick, practically all Android IDEs and Dev tools today should support the above. A standard Android Dev tool today is Android Studio.

On the other hand, if you simply want control of the Android device from your Desktop, then various remote desktop apps can be used, including VNC.


Having the applications on the phone and the desktop is also very basic …
The programs strongly instruct this

I did not know about Android Studio. I will work on this feature.
As for VNC … I can not even make it work between two PCs that will say to make it work between a PC and a cell phone … Do you really think this is possible?

You should be able to install VNC in the Android Play Store, find instructions to set it up as a Server.
Then use a VNC viewer on your other device/machine.

Haven’t done this for a long time, but there’s nothing about Android and VNC that has changed that I know of that should affect how a solution has always worked.


Teamviewer has mobile device support?

kdeconnect is not an emulator Vysor is a strange emulator that mirrors your phone on your desktop afaik that’s the only program of it’s kind there is no way to make your pc a phone for one thing you’d need a sim card if that’s what you want use Vysor if you need an application that integrates your android with your linux desktop then kdeconnect is for you, if a android emulator is what you need then try
or Android-x86