AndroId and KDE?

It may be time to re-up this question - can KDE in 11.3 handle android-based phones now? I really don’t like the idea of leaving my life as ‘cloud’ on mega-giant Google (something like 70% of the internet is directly connected to their servers). I think one can set up a Microsoft Exchange server and sync to that, and that there’s at least one linux clone of this kind of server. I’m tempted to set such a thing up.

PS: My main reason for syncing is for backup. I just want to not have to reenter everything in the event that catastrophe strikes!


My brother-in-law just got an Android and he’s up the same creek. Please post here if you find a solution. I don’t like the idea of living in Google’s cloud either, but the alternative is being manipulated by Apple’s oligopoly. Pick your poison :frowning:

LinuxPlanet - Reports - Linux Syncs Great With Droids - Just Plug it In seems to think there should be no problems, at least about music.

I think music would be stored on the SD card, which would be an ordinary storage device. Contacts and such would be on Google’s cloud. It’s something to check, though.

It’s easy to get access to the android hard drive (SD card) - as you thesay, it’s just another device the OS sees as an ordinary storage device - the hard part is export/import of contacts and calendar. These applications haven’t standardized yet to the same level as SD ram access. I was hoping the fine folks who do KDE PIM (or some such) know an android (linux) PIM app that is OpenSuSe-friendly and runs on my cell phone, or else have gotten KDE to talk to the existing android apps. Then there’s always verizon, who hacks everything for money. Still, google is “free” - so why would they restrict (or otherwise make difficult) PIM access between linux and android?

fwiw 'droid 2.2 has better exchange support… now supports calendar sync which is good :slight_smile:

But that’s really only 1/2 the job - and you still have to set up a Microsoft Exchange server!

Now the last reply was half a year ago. There might have been any development or discovery on this subject???
My beloved 2.5G phone collapsed, and buying a new phone is due. Android is a logical option, and I found an affordable Android 2.1 phone. But, I do not want to cloud with my mail, contacts and appointments, just sync vCard and calendar in the rare occasion that it’s needed. Google surveying my searches and maps usage is enough.

A lot of my choices will be depending on the exchange between kontact and android, preferably not by USB cable.

As I noted in the following thread
Kontact google calendar sync always says ‘invalid password’

It’s possible to sync Android collaboration apps and KDE apps through a third party, and Google Apps will work… for standard (free) Google accounts.
I haven’t revisited whether it’s possible yet to sync KDE apps with Premium (paid) Google accounts.