AND LEAP Community repositories missing

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I’ve noticed that the community repositories for Nvidia drivers, packman and libdvdcss are not available anymore for Tumbleweed and for Leap.
Has the way changed to add them or were they intentionally removed?

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Packman, NVidia, and VLC…
Refer to the wiki…

VLC (for libdvdcss)

Refer also:

Thanks you.
Do you know why the community repos where removed/when/if they’ll come back?

Are you referring to the community repositories offered via YaST > Software > Software Repositories perhaps? If so, I never use that so wasn’t aware…

I just add/configre repos via zypper as required.

YaST gets list of repositories from http://ttps:// which is currently down. I have no idea who maintains this server.

That server appears to have been fixed (but the correct link is this )
See also 1173754 – NVIDIA repository (and others like Packman, Libdvdcss2) missing in Community Repos for Leap 15.2
But the problem in YaST is still there apparently.

For Leap 15.2:

With Packman you will get VLC 3.0.10.
To get VLC 3.0.11+ use Videolan’s repo.

Why should I do that?

Videolan and Packman repo at same time is mostly not the best choice.

Bug report…

It is
that is currently missing the following…

<official config:type="boolean">false</official>

The bug has been fixed, the community repositories are available again from Tumbleweed and Leap. :slight_smile: