And here we go for linux chrome

I have came across this site, which is about to release chrome version for Mac and Linux, although they mention that ‘it is not native version’, but at least some one did something for Linux world.
Here is the link to download:
Link to download

I got it yesterday. It’s ok. Not a prime-time version though.

is there any reason for this browser to exist?

For the glory of Google, of course.

I can hardly wait for the Google fast food restaurant, the Google bank, Google running shoes, Google beer, the Google car, even Google diapers for your baby. :slight_smile:

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chef d <> wrote:

> is there any reason for this browser to exist?
Only thing I can think of is as another option to muddy the water some

They’ll need those to collect all the poop that resulted from the Google daycare fiasco.


Must have been those Google Brand Prunes that caused all that poop.

> is there any reason for this browser to exist?

It’s a part of the coming GoogleOS…or perhaps it will
become the GoogleOS. A complete desktop environment
running in a browser/browsers since they can be detached and
combined as needed.

I think the idea is that it isn’t just another browser in the sense we have understood the term to this point. This is an application built from the ground up for Cloud Computing, Web 2.0, SaaS, etc. See Google’s Bruiser of a Browser: Chrome focuses on running programs on the Web, not just showing pages

Chrome offers many of the features of an operating system. It loads Web-based applications, manages their memory and processor use, and keeps them from interfering with one another. This is the kind of secure operation you want, if you use a computer mainly to run Web-based programs. Clearly, Chrome aims to make traditional operating systems less relevant.

I would worry about the privacy aspects of such an application. Clearly Google is not building this just to help people surf the web more easily.

There has to be some payoff for them, and knowing what I do about them, that would probably be increased access to info that could be used for marketing purposes.

remember google is paying wine for improvements… crossover is the comercial version of wine… i guess is an easy way to get support of its software to linux without making a native version (so they dont have to do it opensource IMHO)

It’s good for script-heavy websites (javascript, AJAX, …)… for example the web interface for the CMS system I use flies with it. Also, Gmail.

Not using it for anything else though.

Here’s the scoop direct from Google’s product management director:

Matthew Glotzbach, product management director at Google, said Google “made a big leap forward in cloud computing when gmail launched in 2004. That provided a really rich, powerful application on the web…and it really started to expose the power of the cloud.”…Putting it somewhat more simply, Glotzbach said, “With the next generation of computing, the Internet is the platform.” This sentiment jibes with Google’s introduction of its Chrome web browser to serve as the foundation for the companies overall platform stack.“One of the reasons we launched Chrome is because we’re pushing the limits of what the browser can do,” Glotzbach added.
See: How Many Cloud Computing Platforms Can we Handle?

Sure there is reason. Firefox, who used to be googles best friend :wink: refused to remove certain add ons that google didn’t like. Cough, cough adblock. So google, decided to build a browser that would allow them to deliver their ads without them being blocked. Not only through webpage, but you can expect that they will soon be delivering you ads directly through their browser. Next you can expect is the google email client.

Personally, I never plan to leave firefox, I love not ever having to see google ads, and other ads.