Good day, is there a newer ANBOX package in build services?

How recent, and what build are you referring to?

When I use openSUSE search, I see a build approx 1 year ago that succeeded, when I look at its details I see that subsequent build attempts have been failing.

It looks like Anbox is available as a Snap, it looks like it should be available both as a latest stable and latest development versions

Skimming the build instructions, if you want to build from source, it looks like it’s possible but the instructions would be very different than the given Ubuntu instructions… If you want to try to do this, post and I’ll post some recommended starting steps


Hello, latest code is required so no time to build my self every few days-weeks. Snap also requires kernel modules and stuff, so is there any repository for those?

When I looked at the github repository for Anbox, the last time major changes were made was about 5 months ago, IMO the Snap should be that version.

The required kernel module headers can <probably> be installed with the following command(might need testing)

zypper in dkms kernel-default-devel kernel-default-devel

If you need a development version of Anbox,
Then you probably shouldn’t expect to install a distributed version, whether it’s a Snap or an RPM,
You’d probably have to build from source…with the expected risks and benefits.

Do I understand you correctly that you want to build Anbox yourself because you need some very recent feature?