Analog with Digital

Its might a silly question but I trust in the professionalism of the forum! :slight_smile:

My video card (geforce 9600 gt) has two DVI ports. Is it possible to use it with two screens? With a digital and an analog one at the same time?


Yes, you’ll need a DVI to VGA adapter though.

Check the box the card came in, don’t think I’ve seen any ship without one of those yet. (Got 3 of them in a drawer somewhere myself ;))

I do have such a things. The card has two DVI slots. And I have an analog screen on one of the slots.

I am just wondering if I investigate in a new screen witch can handle the digital “signals” too.

Can I use a digital and an analog screen at the same time on the same videocard?

I use digital to analog on my second screen using an adapter shown in the image of one of the poster

Yes you can, no problem.
I hooked up an Acer AL707 (old TFT with only a VGA in) at the same time as my Samsung 206BW on DVI in the past.
(On the dual DVI output of my NVIDIA 8800GT)

Or maybe a more reassuring example, my Samsung (via VGA… yes it has 2 connection possibilities) is hooked up to my laptop just fine. 9600 GT as well, well mobile version :). (guessing the laptops ‘own’ screen is connection via DVI or HDMI(digital))