Analog Clock plasmoid is broken in latest update

I received an update yesterday and now my analog clock plasmoid is no longer functional. It’s strange too because when I change a setting in the plasmoid, it’ll magically come to life. I ran plasma-desktop in terminal to catch an error output, but nothing came up. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Useful info:
Running KDE 4.4.0 release 223
Opensuse 11.2

I’m also affected by this. Don’t know the cause since I’ve been using opensuse for barely a week…

Same problem here. Tried to remove and re-adding analog clock, also manually deleted all clock related configurtation items in .kde4/share/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc, nothing did help. It seems this is a “true” bug…

It does work in the UNSTABLE version of 4.4 (4.5a). I wonder if anyone’s reported the bug. In Factory 4.4 I just right click and then close the config window - you don’t have to make changes - and it switches on.

Bug has been → reported and will be fixed in 4.4.1.