An openSUSE Spin or 2

Heya fellas! Man, it’s been a while. I asked some of the staff about this, so the ones I asked already sort of have a heads-up. I wanted to know where to place this, as it’s kind of an odd question. But hey, whenever I asked a question, it usually was odd, or at least required some thought.

Okay, don’t shoot me, but currently, I’m on MacOS 12.6.1. I bought this MacBook Pro back in 2015 when I won my disability settlement. I’ve been through 2 cervical fusions, and I still have chronic pain. I don’t recommend the 'vid. I got it late in 2021 and was laid up for about 3 months. A couple in the hospital and 1 in a nursing facility. In the hospital, I had a couple of chest tubes put in. Would not recommend! It’s like having 1/2 bolts screwed into you while you’re awake. They also did a bronchoscopy on me, so that was fun.

Anyway, I am wanting to put Linux in replacement of my MacOS, but not too long ago one of my friends came to me wanting to recover a file or something. It required Forensic tools, so I went and found a forensic distro, Paladin Edge 64. I was able to recover her stuff, so she was happy. I’ve also been wanting to get into pen-testing, and of course, there are some distros that do that. Notably is Kali. Of course, if done right you could do forensics and pen-testing on 1 Spin. But I’ve also been studying Blockchain and decentralization and Web 3.0. There are a couple of distros that are kinda like that, notably Tails and Qubes, and there are some others.

I find IPFS interesting. It’s the file system of the internet, but I’m wondering if maybe we could use it like BtrFS or Ext4. To my knowledge, IPFS has not been used like that. So I was thinking this could easily be another Spin or 2. Forensics and Pen-testing for one Spin, and Decentralized Blockchain as another Spin. Although, the central theme running through all of this is security, so it could make one Spin, based off of openSUSE. I have no idea what to call it. I’m not a marketing guy. I’m typically a problem solver and security kind of guy. There’s ShadowSocks5, and a whole host of other protocols that SagerNet goes into. Like V2Ray.

Okay, so if you’re keeping up with all this, this is about making an openSUSE-based distro/spin that is decentralized Blockchain, anonymity, pen-testing, and forensics. I’m not even sure if some of this can be done. The one I’m most concerned with is using IPFS the way I want to, but that’s not a super big deal. I guess I was envisioning kind of like a terminal-thin client type of thing. Where the web, or cloud would be like your hard drive. But realistically, I don’t see that happening for quite a while.

If you’ve managed to keep up with me, great. If not, ask your questions and I can try to clarify what I mean. Either way, I’d appreciate some feedback. My luck with the OBS has been abysmal. I’m sure it’s improved in 8 years, but still, I’d appreciate help.

Closing this while it is moved to our General Chit-Chat forum.

Thank you for moving the thread. I’m not sure I understand why it was moved. I would think development would be appropriate since I’m talking about the development of a Spin or something. I guess the way I wrote it, with no paragraph breaks, would make it harder to read, so thanks for putting in the paragraph breaks. I’m still very interested in feedback, dialogue, and assistance.

It was in a sub-forum of Development called SUSE Studio / Studio Express. Those are a specific set of tools and after getting some headache, we could not find any connection between your heap of characters and SUSE Stuido, nor Studio Express.

What are you missing in Linux that you have in MacOS from making the replacement?

Making an openSUSE-based distro/spin that is decentralized Blockchain, anonymity, pen-testing, and forensics seems like overkill to me, for this there are better distro’s as you found.

Why does one climb a mountain?