An interview with a Linux Game Porter

Recently on our forums, Frank Earl (who goes by the synonym Svartalf), has been seeking the input of Linux gamers as to what games they would like to see ported to Linux. Frank has been working for Linux Game Publishing for a few years porting various titles to Linux and has done work independently on bringing new software from Windows to Linux. Frank was overwhelmed by the response on our forums and it has even led to new Linux games with many other possible ports being looked into. To get his view as where Linux gaming is currently at, he has answered a few of our questions about Linux game porting, Linux gaming in general, and other questions that may be of interest to gamers and Linux enthusiasts.

Interesting read… :slight_smile:

[Phoronix] An Interview With A Linux Game Porter](

I wonder if he is Swedish. The nickname svartalf is a Swedish word but Frank is not a common name in Sweden. And he said something about Paradox Interactive which also suggest that he is from Sweden. Anyway he is a hero.

Maybe he’s an English guy (or American? Earl?) but lives in Sweden and thus uses a Swedish sounding nick. We also have an English guy on this board who lives in Sweden, it’s geoff, one of the mods :wink: