an Error Occurred During Initrd creation

opensuse 11.1 installation opened error message.

message is

an Error Occurred During Initrd creation

Kernel image : /boot/vmlinuz-
Initer image : /boot/initrd-
Root device : /dev/disk/by-id/dm-name-ddf1_MegaSR__R1_#0_part7 (dev/dm-4) mounted on as ext3)

incorrect number of arguments

dmsetup …


Fatal storage error. Device /dev/ does not have a driver

after reboot.

booting ‘openSuse 11.1’
initrd /initrd-

Error 15: File not found.

What can I do ?

Try to fix it with the DVD.

Probably grub pointing to the wrong location. Did you make sure you forced Grub to the MBR during install?

Does it really have to be installed in the MBR ? I always tick to install in /boot partition and to install generic code in MBR. And it’s good and better when recovering the bootloader:beat-up: