an advice for setting priority obs repo

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if I wanted to install example: acetoneiso2-2.3-5.6.x86_64.rpm which is on obs in this repo: or other application not present in the official repo, in order not to compromise the stability of the system (TW), which priority should I set? 99 (standard) or 100 ? in general I ask for third-party repositories.

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karlmistelberger thank you for the link, it seems that has been debated … I understand (correct me if I’m wrong because my English is not exceptional) that:

packman -> 90
official repo -> 99
other (es: obs) -> 100

usually to update TW uses zypper dup, while in cases where conflicts arise (Knurpht) can use zypper dup --allow-vendor-change.


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I would be very carefull using this when having extra repos. Qualifying it with a --repo or --from may be a good idea.

@hcvv I thank you for your feedback

zypper dup displays the message:

“The following n packages are going to change vendor:

You may check packages displayed and commit only if appropriate.

Vendor change for zypper dup is disabled in Leap 15.0 and Tumbleweed.

linux64:~ # grep -i allowvendor /etc/zypp/zypp.conf 
# solver.allowVendorChange = false
solver.dupAllowVendorChange = false

I thank everyone for the availability :slight_smile: