Hey guys I’m here for two things…
1.I love to do AM V’s (anime music videos) and I was thinking about… 'cuz in Windows (i know it’s not the best theme at all but anyway) i have Windows Movie Maker, and all the videos where compatibles at least in format… does anyone knows any app to do these kind of things
2.How can I download or view an anime video from… youtube just to tell something or from my own dvd’s to do thes kind of things

thnx guys and sorry for bad english…

  1. oldcpu posted in the how-to forum a number of authoring apps you may want to check. Possibly kdenlive does what you want. See Applications - DVD Authoring Tools - openSUSE Forums

  2. I think that there are a number of extensions for firefox that do this. Anyway, youtube videos are simply flash videos that, while the video player window is open, reside in your /tmp directory, usually with a cryptic name and no extension. By date and size you can identify and move/copy it to another folder with a suitable name and .flv (optional) extension. When you close the browser player window the file in /tmp is deleted, but not the one you moved/copied.