aMule crashing after causing severe slowing down of system due to disk input/output

Nobody’s facing the same problem? I think it’s a kind of bug subsequent latest opensuse update; aMule is always the same version since december (packman repository).

Tried uselessly to remove and recreate ~/.aMule profile.


Thanks in advance.

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Answered elsewhere.


The system’s slow down is caused by aMule eating up all RAM and SWAP.
More or less 8 GB RAM and 8 GB SWAP in my case.

There are some posts out there (on PackMan list) about aMule and wxWidgets:


Typically what you’re describing won’t happen if your openSUSE is optimized to support an app like amule which opens numerous network connections, far more than a “normal app.”

If you think your system is running out of available resources, then you need to optimize (shift resources normally used for computing to supporting large numbers of network connections) or decrease the number of open network connections (typically settings in the app).

To optimize, I wrote an article more than a decade ago that still applies to openSUSE(all Linux) today, how to modify your TCP/IP Congestion Control algorithm if your network connection isn’t 802.3 (Fast Ethernet wired) for example Wifi, and how to shift resources enlarging your TCP/IP network socket buffers, sliding windows, more


A new release is available at packman repository.

“aMule” “”
[compiled with 2.8 wxWidgets instead of 3.0]

It works fine!