aMSN issues on GNOME

I installed aMSN on openSUSE 12.1 x86_64 using default GNOME 3.2 (my actual system).

I noted the GNOME “system tray” is kind of strange compared to KDE’s, and aMSN is not the exception. When I selected “Minimize when closing the window” it apparently minimized but then it was nowhere to be found. Just that “Unknown” shortcut in the tray which only did close aMSN. Also I note 2 strange mini-windows with nothing inside them when I start aMSN, the ones that remain when minimizing aMSN.

Does aMSN work well on GNOME? What can I do regarding these issues?
Thanks for your help.

Another issue: when trying to transfer a file, it seems to be sending, but once it reaches 100%, it says “transfer canceleld”!!

First the minimizing issue and now this… What’s going on with aMSN? Can anybody help?

However my counterpart pal is indeed able to send me files and I can receive them well. He also uses aMSN, but on openSUSE 12.1 32-bit.

EDIT: solved the “system tray” thing: Preferences, Appearance, disable Show state icon in notification area. Seems that’s designed to work for KDE… But still problems with sending files…