Amsn Help Me!

I have amsn but I can not use audio conversations. it says you can not make an audio / video calls. Please install Farsight2 and try again. what is farsight2 and how to install Farsight2?

As far I know, Farsight is a component of aMSN and should have been with it when you installed. It appears during configuration of aMSN. If you haven’t “configured” it via the menu, try that and see if gets set up.

Also, did you get this from packman? If not, uninstall aMSN and get the packman version. It set up Farsight for me.

I have on my list farsight but I do not know what to do then with farsight?

have you tried looking at the documentation? or just experiment?


Tcl package index file

if {[package vcompare [info tclversion] 8.4] < 0} return

package ifneeded Farsight 0.1 “[list load [file join $dir tcl_farsight[info shared]] Farsight]; package provide Farsight 0.1”

it must surely be the documentation that I had come o checked.