aMSN has no sound.

Sorry for harping on, but aMSN used to have sounds in Fedora. Is there something I need to enable in openSUSE?

I can’t really help you except to say I have never had a good experience with aMSN
All these on the other hand work well: kopete, pidgin, empathy.

I like to use Pidgin and Skype and aMSN for my IM. aMSN is quite powerful for what it is.

From the days I used to use aMSN, I remember you had to manually pick a sound driver type in the Settings of aMSN after the installation.

And - not to belabor the point: I can’t find any differences between Kopete (which I use now) and aMSN - Kopete supports not only MSN Messenger, but also the other protocols such as Yahoo, etc.