Amount of Apache FileHandles: how to decrease in order to make some tests

hello dear Suse-Fans,

due to serious troubles with a installation of Drupal-Commons on my websever (running Apache 1.3.8) i have to do some tests: The Site: Home | commons_6_x_24

Background: on a elder webserver (6 years old) i have troubles with installation of a CMS (Drupal-commons 67.25) during the installation-process i get a busload of errors:

opendir(*) [function.opendir]: failed to open dir: Too many open files in /home/vhost/WWW/ on line 963. 

Post-Installation: Well finally i get the DRUPAL installed but afterwards the work with the imageupload is being rejected and allmost any fileupload - and each imageupload is being blocked.

The System still keeps reporting lots of erros:

opendir(*) [function.opendir]: failed to open dir: Too many open files in /home/vhost/WWW/ on line 963. 

see the story and the report on the errors imagecache not displaying preset images |

i mused a bit about the findings - well it is really a big thing. There is a LOT OF NOISE in the repots…i have more than 1200 reports of such a message opendir(profiles/drupal_commons/modules/acquia/acquia_search/apachesolr/drush)
during 12 hours of Sunday.
Well what can be done here? - besides the mail and the talks that i will have with my Serveradmin - today and in the next days i wonder why i have these errors. I want to see if there is a relationship between the amount of allowed filehandles and the occurance of the error.

What about some investigations and a little test:

Note: on my local webserver (that runs Apache 2.2) all goes nice: no problem with installation no problem with all actions i take during the running of the site. All jobs and works are proecessed without any issues.
Well - is it possible that the webserver is tooo weak - it has not too much memory. and it is 6 year old.

My question is ( besides all the findings )- what causes the enorumous amount open filehandles!?

Does the openFile-handles that are allowed by Apache are the root of my lack of processing image-upload. And subsequently: At which rate of allowed Apache FileHandles i can get (reproduce and verify) the behaviour that the webserver show.
Beside the fact that the webserver runs Apache 1.3.8 and my local Apache is a Version 2.2 (on OpenSuse 12.1) i want to do some tests. I want to lower the rate of allowed Apache FileHandles to see at which rate the system (the image upload) breaks?

if we can see that there is a relationship between allowed Apache FileHandles and errors in Image uplaod.

What do you think about this idea!? Now i have to have a closer look where i can configure the amount of allowed ApachefileHandles

look forward to hear from you


btw: here the images and screenshots of the errors…

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