The RX550 card on Leap-42.3. The basic kernel-default-4.4.79-19.1.x86_64 can’t handle amdgpu, so I had to update to kernel kernel-default-4.12.9-1.1.gf2ab6ba.x86_64, now amdgpu is working. Problem with amdgpu-pro 17.30 Linux Driver, it has a lot of compiling problems (it is need to change the source code).

Has anyone success with Leap 42.3 and amdgpu-pro 17.30 linux driver installation?

Thank You!

That particular card as issues with openCL?

There have been a few posts in the forum with differing success, but not that model from memory. I have a custom kmp for my Mullins card.

The problem is that I cannot compile the amdgpu-pro driver, we are far from opencl part yet. The driver code is under heavy development as I see.

Yup, one of the issues with bleeding edge kernels… you might have to look around the AMD forum for a patch with the 4.12 kernel (then the could be issues with other bits Mesa etc)…