AMD Threadripper amd WX7100 GPU support

Hi there,
I 've been using Tumbleweed on my workstation with AMD threadripper 2950 and GPU WX7100.
All was working fine with regards to the hardware.
However, due to some stability I needed for my applications, I wanted to use Leap 15 instead.
Lead 15 had an issue with Threadripper for terminal detector and Thunderbolt ports.
I tried yesterday to install New Leap 15.1 on KVM to test it again.
It seems still cannot detect my thunderbolt ports, despite all backports added from 4.19 kernel.
What is the best way if I really want to use Leap15.1 and my hardware works with no issue on my machine?
P.S. I tend to use the GPU for some Machine learning applications, so AMD driver is needed instead of free driver.

(I have no working familiarity with Thunderbolt or USB3C.)

To which AMD driver and free driver do you refer? The kernel provides its own driver for AMD. The X system provides 3 competent DDX drivers for AMD APUs & GPUs: radeon (upstream optional, for older units), amdgpu (upstream optional for newer units) and modesetting (upstream default for all except ancient units).

amdgpu driver provided by kernel. After I consulted with AMD,they recommended to install latest Radeon pro 19.Q2 driver instead of kernel installed driver.