AMD Ryzen2? What to use - Tumbleweed or Leap15 KDE (or rather use Intel)

About 2 years ago I dumped windows and started with Linux.
After a lot of trials to find out the desktop that suited me best witch was KDE4, I started with Linux Mint 17.3 (KDE4)
Mint is very, some say too conservative with updates but with KDE4 that was no problem, nothing changed much in KDE4 :wink:
I did also try the, at that time new KDE5 (Plasma), but that was giving me too much bugs at that time.
I have kept an eye on the different distributions with KDE5 in VM’s, and for the last 4 months i kept them with only the openSUSE line (leap42,3, Tumbleweed and of course Leap15)
I am pleased with openSUSE distro’s
Now I think Plasma5 has matured enough to take over my aging KDE4.
I’m using my desktop for varioous applications, lot’s of ffmpeg, virtualdub stuff, VM’s, Little programming, foto stuff (digicam) and surfing.
No gaming at all !
Usual many running apps at the same time.

Now I want to buy an AMD Ryzen (8core), not the one’s from last year with the possible segmentation bug or the random soft lockup wich plagued a lot of Linux users, but the new one Ryzen 2 out later this year.
Of course anticipating that the those bugs have disappeared.
Also I want to buy a MB that uses the newest chipset X470.
From what I read on the Web, Linux has often some trouble with new hardware, I suppose no great vendor interest for Linux.
Are there openSUSE users who are using a Ryzen and had bad experiences using that CPU?

The question is: use Tumbleweed or Leap15 to ensure a optimal working computer with the latest hardware.
I’m fine with the stability of Leap line, but what about the improvements of the Linux kernel for new hardware.
Is the Leap15 kernel not to outdated for new hardware, or is there some kind of back porting for new hardware?
Tumbleweed is for me somewhat to heavy on the updates (No complaints here, but I am just a simple Linux user)
By the way, I use ext4 and do not want to use BTRFS, for me that’s making the linux file-system somewhat to complicated (no flame intended)

What will be the best way, go for Leap15 or chose Tumbleweed ?

(Or forget the AMD Ryzen and go for Intel ?)

I have an Ryzen 1600x with a Asus Prime X370.
No problems at all (except 2 error messages at boot but I read about it and there is no problem).
I used Intel from 2000 but I am not sorry that I changed to AMD.
I think with AMD better use TW than Leap (AMD is still new and I think you will need new software).
Forget about segfault problem. This problem was with AMD CPU who was made until week 24 or 25 of 2017.
I think that AMD will be better with time because now producers know that is a good CPU (ex. there is memory especially for Rydzen now).
PS. If you want a Ryzen better buy a binned one (withX)

Thanks for replying.
The last post on a a rather long topic on an AMD forum sounds like the trouble is not over.
Also the previous posts in this topic are also not very tempting for Ryzen.

And then the topic in the Bugzilla is ongoing and recent.

The problem is that it is not affecting every CPU, so it is a sort of a hardware lottery to buy AMD
You perhaps won the lottery, and thats good.
But the fact that in both cases AMD stays silent, but keeps replacing the CPU’s sounds like they do not know how to solve it.
So I hope and wait for the next iteration of the Ryzen.

But i noticed that you say that Tumbleweed is the best option for new hardware, so I assume that Leap15 is not suitable for Ryzen.

I had that problem too. fail after 20 sec. After I upgrade gcc, was 50 min. What I read is that it fail after memory is full. After all, when I compile for 50 min with all my cores?
About the bug - bugs will be. What matters for me is not to be a hardware’s bug ( like meltdown).
My opinion - intel or amd no matter, is a lotery any of them.
Why I bought an AMD:
1.Meltdown - AMD did not have it.
2.I did not like how Intel was proceed with meltdown and spectre issue.
3.I want to support AMD. What price was in 2016 for an Intel CPU - with 4 cores and 8 threads, at best?
Now, because of Ryzen, Intel drop the prices and give us more cores and threads.
It is not fair to me to said: I am glad that Intel drop the prices because Ryzen. Let’s go now and buy an Intel with a good price.
Maybe I am wrong but that was I thought.

To quote somebody from this forum “perfection is not gonna happen. No way”
Pick one and enjoy it.

My 2 cents: I don’t expect huge problems re. Ryzen2. My bet is that by the time it’s on the market, the kernel will be ready for it. Personally I prefer buying “last year’s” hardware, simply for the sake of having a relatively more matured kernel.

That’s what I normally also think, but then look al the link in my previous post.
Form the bugzilla.
Mature or not, problem still exist

But I get the idea, no guaranties exist with soft/hardware.

Luckily i have done well with my 8+ year old I7-920.
Until Meltdown of-course :\

Yes, but it seems that is a software problems (not a hardware one). And I think that it will be solved.
BTW, I agree with @Knurpht.
Ryzen is a new cpu (architecture) and in time the problems will be solved.
My opinion: I think that the vendors did not believe, when Ryzen was launched, that it will be so good, so that they did not prepared very well (to be honest I thought the same). Now, things are different. Look how often is renewed bios for amd motherboards. And how memory for ryzen appears a few months after lunch. I think that things are in a good directions.
But, this are only my opinions. I do not guarantee it is the truth.
PS. I am not AMD advocate. I am just trying to see things as they are.
PPS. I have been thinking two monts until I decided to buy an AMD.
PPS. It seems that are chances that the new BIOS 3907 will solve this bug.