AMD Ryzen 5 3400G processor


As the sales start on Wednesday in France, I am looking to change my laptop. I want to replace it with a desktop computer powerful enough for editing and streaming on Twitch (without playing greedy 3D games).

For video editing I use Kdenlive. This software has two hardware acceleration systems:](

The software does not tell us about the AMD / ATI processors … but only the Nvidia …

For my part, I came across this model which I really like:

Suddenly I wonder what it will give with an AMD Ryzen 5 3400G processor (4-Core 3.7 GHz / 4.2 GHz Turbo - Cache 6 MB - TDP 65W) which also supports the graphics part … That’s good tolerated by linux this stuff?

Do you have advice on buying a computer for Linux?

Simply select “VA-API” – AMD Radeon uses this interface.
Make sure that, the packages which provide the VA-API interface are up-to-date: Mesa-libva, libva2 and so on.

I have the same requirement and am looking for a desktop PC for linux and have same use.