AMD Raid (A320) on opensuse: array is not detected


I Have a Gigabyte A320-HD2 motheborad, that features a fake raid controller, that I managed to make work by following this guide.

Ok, now the main ssd is detected, and I can boot on Opensuse 42.3 nicely. But I have two other hdd disks configured as raid0 on the board bios. That two are not recognizable by the system, and thus I can’ t make use of them.

I didn’t find so much info on internet about amd raid chipsets + linux. Seems like pretty new issue. I’ve found something about installing amd raidxpert2, but anyway I could not find this one.

Do you guys have any other advice?

Here’s how the disks are set up in the bios:

And here is some output from

dmesg | grep rcraid

(well, it says something about license level that looks like problem, but I couldn’t figure out whats the problem, exactly):

    2.005523] rcraid: loading out-of-tree module taints kernel.
    2.005530] rcraid: module license 'Proprietary' taints kernel.
    2.008709] <5>AMD, Inc. rcraid raid driver version 8.1.0 build_number 8.1.0-00039 built Nov 27 2017
    2.008711] <5>rcraid built on linux-zfo2 by root on Mon Nov 27 23:55:27 -02 2017
    2.008712] <5>rcraid: cmd_q_depth 512, tag_q_depth 16, max_xfer 448, use_swl 0xffffffff
    2.064186] <5>rcraid_probe_one: vendor = 0x1022 device 0x43bd
    2.064190] <5>rcraid_probe_one: vendor = 0x1022 device 0x7916
    2.064190] <5>rcraid_probe_one: Total adapters matched 2
    2.064695] <5>rcraid: rc_init_adapter 64 bit DMA enabled
    2.064764] <3>rcraid:0 request_threaded_irq irq 44
    2.064770] <5>rcraid: card 0: AMD, Inc. AHCI
    2.065054] <5>rcraid: rc_init_adapter 64 bit DMA enabled
    2.065115] <3>rcraid:1 request_threaded_irq irq 46
    2.065118] <5>rcraid: card 1: AMD, Inc. AHCI
    4.693349] rcraid: (1512049414.448547) A new unknown device was inserted on controller 0 channel 1.
    4.703137] rcraid: (1512049414.458335) Array 2 not allowed by current license level.
    4.703146] rcraid: (1512049414.458346) Array 2 not allowed by current license level.
    4.839700] <6>rcraid: rc_event: config change detected on bus 0

I’ve tried also

modprobe dm_mod 

and then

dmraid -ay

but it says that no arrays are available.