AMD Radeon r9 360 driver

opensuse 42.1
linux 4.1.31-30-default x86_64

I had installed AMD’s fglrx in the past as the video driver for the graphics adapter, a radeon r9 360. I had removed it because each time the kernel was updated, fglrx failed to load and had to be rebuilt; quite the annoyance.

Is there a way to have fglrx rebuild automatically when the kernel is changed?

I am currently using the radeon driver. It is flawed: in the top 1/5 of the screen the mouse flickers annoyingly. The flickering reduces in frequency until it reaches the lower 4/5 of the screen where it is stable.

Where do I submit defect reports for the radeon drive?

For the short time left, install the fglrx rpm via it will rebuild on a kernel update.

For your card since it’s a GCN version, when you upgrade to 42.2 switch to the amdgpu since that’s all that will be available (well at this point in time).

If you want to raise a bug on the radeon module, then head to in the first instance.

Leap 42.2 won’t be able to run your card on AMDGPU with the default kernel, as your card is based on the GCN 1.1 architecture which is not supported by default.

As for your flickering bug, obviously that shouldn’t happen, but unfortunately I can’t be of much help as I don’t have any current AMD cards myself.

Having said that, the newer graphics stack in 42.2 might improve the performance/usability of the open source Radeon drivers.

P.S. This should probably be in the hardware section.

Just to clarify, just not enabled in the default kernel… it does work, I have my Mullins (GCN 1.1) R5 running, I have it built as a kernel module, plus run a later version of xf86-video-amdgpu (Since Mullins support was missed).

Thank you. That worked quite nicely.

I did not realize that the GPU was considered “old,” especially since it was purchased less than a year ago. So the new video driver, amdgpu, only works on the very newest architecture from AMD/ATI?

I have an R5 in a DELL 5555 manufactured last year, accordingly it’s out of date, no more fglrx since Xorg has moved on. The amdgpu is only for GCN cards.

It all depends if/when AMD release an amdgpu-pro version for non Ub*(?) systems…