AMD HBR and Multichannel Support

I’ve been testing a new port of a media player for Linux (JRiver MediaCenter) and have been hoping for multi-channel PCM support, higher sample rates, etc. The recent activity in the ALSA code is looking promising so I decided to give it a try:

  1. Clean install, RC1
  2. Redirect repo for Kernel Head (gets to kernel 3.12RC4) and update to 3.12RC4 to make sure it works okay
  3. Download kernel 3.12RC5 from
  4. Unzip, patch with atihdmi5.patch (wget
  5. Change /sound/pci/hda/hda_local.h
Please change 0x1002791a to 0x1002aa01 in this part in the end of

#define is_amdhdmi_rev3(codec) \
    ((codec)->vendor_id == 0x1002791a && ((codec)->revisi
  1. Used my RC4 .config, make menuconfig, changed “suffix”
  2. build and install (make -j8, sudo make modules_install install)
  3. Reboot, then: xrandr --output HDMI-0 --set audio auto
  4. Run MC, set output format in DSP…let the testing begin…

I haven’t tested any HD bitstreaming yet, but all of the multi-channel PCM testing so far has been working flawlessly.

I should say, this was done on a standard 3 partition install (swap/root/home).