AMD FirePro V7900 drivers and OpenCL runtimes for openSUSE 13.2

Hello. I’ve had a little bit of an issue getting BOINC to use my AMD FirePro V7900 (Cayman based, in the HD 6900 family) on other Linux distributions (Mint 17, Mint 17.3 KDE, Ubuntu Server 16.04, Ubuntu 16.04) and I just put it into my main PC (with windows) and tried it on that and found that BOINC happily uses it. I ran some openSUSE VMs on the server machine the FirePro is (was?) in so I know it’s a fairly good distro (obviously) but my question is what are the drivers like for older cards like that for OpenCL compute? Obviously the open source drivers don’t work for me otherwise this post wouldn’t be made, and I’m not a programmer so I can’t go and write my own, but does anyone know if they work better on openSUSE 13.2? Do the opensource ones have good openCL support?

The oss radeon driver stack used for your device currently does not have good CL performance as far as I’m aware. You’d be better off to use the fglrx drivers with your card.

I believe (though I don’t pay close attention to it) that 13.2’s support is nearing end. You might want to consider migrating to Leap 42.1 (which should still be supported for another ____ months … someone, or you, can fill in the blank), as you should be able to get fglrx support there too. … however, after that, its the end of the line, and you should look to move to newer hardware (that has good software support) or, perhaps by then the CL support in the driver stack applicable to your card will have vastly improved – in which case, you 'd likely be able to utilise any futher openSUSE release.