AMD Dual Graphics on HP

1 - Notebook: HP Pavilion 17-f007sr (AMD CPU + AMD Graphics card)
2 - OpenSuSE Tumblweed
3 - Installed fglrx driver. Works fine, if i dont turn on descrette graphic card (Perfomance Card).
If i turn On perfomance card - reboot - login in KDE, and kwin, plasma, and one more proccess use 25% CPU and burn notebook (and i see how lags fps on kde).
I test this problem on stable 13.2 - same problem :frowning:
If i turn off perfomance card in AMD Control center - all works fine (but cant play games (slow fps)) and notebook are cold.

What more info need to fix this problem?:open_mouth:

FWIW, there is a utility called ‘AMDOverdriveCtrl’ that can be used to control performance, frequency, and fan settings for AMD GPUs. It’s available from the packman repo. Maybe that can help here?