[AMD/ATI] RV635/M86 [Mobility Radeon HD 3650], any chance???

I’ve been running OpenSUSE 13.2 64bits for a year with no problems.
Now i want to try the latest version of OpenSUSE and did an offline upgrade til Tumbleweed 20160913

I see there is issues with installing fglrx on Tumbleweed.
There is a script that can run in init 3(no GUI), but this script will download the AMD-driver from internet. The problem is that when i leave GUI (init 3) the wifi network-connection is been terminated and i then aren’t connected til internet so the script fail.

This script was published i 2015 so have to ask if there is som new solution for this?

Your Card is only working with the free Radeon Driver.

The free Radeon driver, do you meen the Mesa-driver?

Assuming you are using NetworkManager you must set All users may connect to this network box. This allows WIFI outside of the GUI

The script is only needed to be at runlevel 3 to uninstall, not install. Anyway fglrx does not work with Tumbleweed as the Xorg version is 1.18 you can only use the radeon driver.


fglrx is only working with Radeon HD 5000 and higher. So your Card is only working with the free Radeon Driver from the kernel, normally no need to install something.