AMD/ASUS Mobo upgrade?

I’ve done several motherboard+CPU upgrades over the years, but the last time I did it, SuSE 11.0 wouldn’t boot. I had to reinstall. Is that due to HAL as it is in Windoz? I want to get a quad-core Phenom (from my dual-core Athalon), and I think everything is different - moved on-chip, too - so I’m wondering if anyone can provide guidance? I’m thinking I might have to reinstall SuSE and I don’t really want to do that.


The Repair System of the DVD or CD should fix most discrepancies. Usually these are the areas that need fixing up:

Disk controller modules and partition names
Video driver
NIC driver
Sound driver

The Repair System should sort out most of that.

Thank you for the reply. I think I probably tried repair when it happened (it was a year or so ago) but I can’t say for sure… The one thing that repair doesn’t do is set up a multiboot system (the regular installer does fine) - and I have about 5 OSs on my system. A full reinstall results in GRUB getting set up correctly.

Do you know if this is due to the HAL? I remember when HAL started in Windows (W2k?) - the result was I couldnt’ just clone copies of drives for new computers. (I have a lot of computers)


You could get openSUSE booting and then go into YaST and add the other OSes. Make sure you write down the partitions and which OSes use them.

5 OSes, sorry that’s crazy, to my thinking. Too much time spent rebooting. :wink:

Ya, I know - now that I do VMWare, I almost never boot the other systems. Someone told me to keep a spare copy of /boot/grub/menu.lst - and it would maintain my hard drive setup. Maybe that would work to fix GRUB. I could always use knoppix to copy the backup…