AMD A10 does not resume (Laptop and presentations).

I have 15.1 with KDE installed on my Dell Inspiron 5555 with an AMD a10 chip and 12gb ram.

I need to do a presentation at toastmasters in a couple of weeks.

The last time, I had problems with my setup. There is an Epson projector. I was the 4th speaker. This meant that I arrived at 6:30pm, set the laptop, verified my settings/connection to the projector and then I waited until 7:45pm for my turn. I had only 1 minute to bring my laptop to the stage and hook it to the projector.

The problem is that the laptop went to sleep and I haven’t found a way of waking it up without restarting it. Doing a short press on the power button didn’t “revive” the laptop.

Which setting should I set to make it usable for presentations?

BTW 1, battery’s not a concern, I have access to an electrical plug.
BTW 2, a few weeks ago, I also asked about how suspend occasionally doesn’t wake-up. This was about my desktop and not the laptop.


Unfortunately suspend problems are not uncommon with AMD HW, a similar thread here:
I suggest you open a new thread with a title highlighting “AMD A10 does not resume” or similar, to attract AMD experts hanging about here.
Or report this thread to the Admins (the /!\ button in the lower left corner) asking them to change the title.