AMD A10-5750m - HP Pavillion 17 - Poor performance??


Wonder if anyone’s had any experience with this machine yet. Am running latest 12.3 with latest stable 3.11 kernel. Performance seems very poor. Monitoring the CPU with tools like cpupower, cpufreq and turbostat show it only achieves a clock speed of 2.1GHz. It’s supposed to be a 2.5GHz base clock with turbo modes up to 3.5GHz. Changing the governor to performance or trying to set a fixed speed of 2.5GHz doesn’t change things. Nothing in dmesg output or /var/log/messages reveal anything unusual. Flashed the latest BIOS from HP (which has nothing at all to fool with really) and made a couple attempts at rolling my own kernels and nothing improves things. My desktop system running a Phenom-II x6 @ 2.8GHz will build an Android OS distro (PAC-rom) for my phone in about 30minutes. The same setup on my laptop takes 90+ with ccache and over 210 without. I did set up a 1TB Seagate hybrid drive with LVM but the disk subsystem(s) don’t appear to be tying up at all. Performance seems about the same as my old 2GHz core 2 duo with the same software. I did install the latest Catalyst beta 2 drivers to see if it helped. It gave me OpenGL 3D support now but no change in performance

Any pointers/tips etc greatly appreciated.

Kind regards!

Update. Found this in /var/log/messages. Not sure what it means yet…

013-09-26T00:47:03.847672-05:00 pavillion kernel: 4263.110104] perf samples too long (2503 > 2500), lowering kernel.perf_event_max_sample_rate to 50000