AMD 3400G Capable AMDGPU driver in Laep 15.2

I attempted to use 15.1 With and AMD 3400G CPU as an update to a running system but this caused other issues and decided to install Kubuntu until the next version of Leap came out. This is a shared system and the the machine is needed with Zoom and a few other apps during the current -dwindling- lockdown. Kubunu is similar enough that my significant others and daughters have no issues doing what they need to do and came up perfectly fine - if a bit quirky from a Leap user’s perspective. I’ve been using openSuse for so long that I prefer and understand the layout as well as how to do things to get things to work, at least most of the time.

My question for those in the know: Does Leap 15.2 have enough backports covering AMD Radeon hardware to run my newly acquired AMD Ryzen 3400G Vega video hardware? I suspect that it should out of the box as has been the case with Kubuntu but I needed to ask.

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I installed 15.1 on a 3200G in February. It worked fine after installing 15.2’s 5.3.x kernel. I then installed 15.2 right before it became beta, and it was fine too. It’s not mine, but its owner has been dup’ing 15.2, and has reported no graphics issues with it.

I kind of expected this to be the case but I needed to ask. The hardware is a lot faster than the Piledriver (8320E) I was using and the video appears equal to the NVIDIA 730GT that was in the old setup.

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Real old dude, student and engineer. Lover of family, great ideas, open source software and cats.

You may replace AMD FX-8320E with AMD FX-8370.
APU has some restrictions compared to discrete videocard.

While I agree that this is hardly a perfect setup, it has advantages over the old in lots of ways. This hardware eventually is set to become a bit more mainstream for kernel support, has lots more computing power, has a CPU upgrade path and uses less electrical power. The old mainboard was also getting a bit long in the tooth and needed replacement. Swapping processors would have been less expensive, but the Windows 10 VM I’m using is now a lot more responsive in the same memory footprint and everything works. Once I have the new version of Leap on this setup I’ll be right where I need to be for my family and myself. I’m not a laptop guy so this seems to have been a pretty good choice.

Note: I use Block Tax software in Windows and send in paper to the IRS. No need for a second party to know everything about my taxes. Just me and the IRS. I also solve occasional problems for work using C#, F# and C in Visual Studio. It’s just another tool. I think this sort of flexibility is just terrific even though I’m the only VM user in the house.

I’m really looking forward to the new version of Leap. I’m running Kubuntu at the moment only because it keeps the griping at bay long enough for the 15.2 to come out.

You may use AMD 3400G + discrete video card with Leap 15.1.
Of course, if Leap 15.2 will come in a 02 July, you may simply wait for it.

Based on my own experience (Leap in August 2016 running on 6700k - Q2 2015) I discourage using Leap and definitely encourage installing Tumbleweed.

I am working right now with AMD Picasso + Leap 15.1 + Kernel 5.3 from Leap 15.2 without troubles from graphics or CPU part.

This is good news. Leap reduced the lag in kernel versions substantially. It was really bad in 2016. The Ryzen 5 3400G is a very reasonable option: AMD Ryzen 5 3400G vs Intel Core i7-6700K @ 4.00GHz [] by PassMark Software See also:

You may use Leap + newer kernels from Kernel:stable repo to get support for a new hardware, without updating other software as in TW.
Previously I was using it, but kernel 5.3 from Leap 15.2 is more reliable.