Amazon Corretto

Amazon made publicly available their flavor of OpenJDK knonw as Corretto. See

It’s available as source code (GPL licensed) or as an rpm for Amazon Linux. The RPM does not install cleanly on openSUSE, which is not surprising as it’s intended for Amazon Linux. Do you know if anybody is working on providing Corretto rpms for openSUSE?

This looks interesting,
But I’m finding it hard to find specifics about exactly what Amazon does to modify.
The main benefit or feature it seems to have is to be tuned for large-scale deployments which might be interesting, more so if openSUSE distributed a kernel tuned similarly (AFAIK only RHEL and Google publicly advertise having a kernel tuned for these kinds of deployments). Any kind of Java tuning can be an exercise, if this was pre-configured for a specific target it would be very useful for anyone who deploys that scenario.

Still, this might be interesting for general openSUSE if someone wanted to make it available.
I’d probably recommend contacting the Coretto team and asking if any of them might be interested in creating a build in OBS to support openSUSE and anyone else.

After skimming their Github project and current Blog, FAQ and Documentation, it looks like they’re still in a “Technology Preview” stage which is a way of saying “We’re sorta ready but not yet really ready to officially launch.” So, now might be a good time to approach their team about expanding their potential user base. It’s also probably why their documentation and specifics are so sparse.


You made a couple of good points Another reason why this is interesting is that the original OpenJDK 8 will not longer get any security updates, while Amazon promises Corretto 8 will have “long-term support that will include performance enhancements and security fixes”.